Au Temps du Rêve

Au Temps du Rêve – Collective consciousness in Aboriginal and Oceanic art

Art as a fundamental element of Aboriginal culture: stylized figures, silhouettes, representations of nature, geometric images that appear abstract to the western eye, but which in fact make use of a complex symbolism in which the various geometric shapes or colors are assigned precise meanings, often of a mythological and ritual, spiritual and religious nature. This in a nutshell the cultural proposal of the Majid Foundation which in its exhibition rooms in via Borgo 7, in Ascona, offered an unprecedented and fascinating journey in the artistic expression of the southern continent. From the 6th of September til the 31th of October 2019.


This is the title of the exhibition set up by Didier Zanette, an expert in Oceanic and Polynesian art, who has been travelling the lands of the Australian archipelago for over 25 years, from New Caledonia to Polynesia and Papua, documenting the culture and art of the several Aboriginal people. Of French origin, Zanette is the author of many publications on the subject and has opened his first Aboriginal art gallery in Nouméa, the largest French-speaking city in Oceania, then in Nice, Paris and Metz and recently also in Lugano. The goal of the French gallerist and collector is to let know the art of the Aborigines, both the ancient and traditional antecedent to European colonization, and of contemporary Aboriginal artists who are inspired by the traditional culture of their people.