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René Magritte, La condition humaine, 1933, oil on canvas, 100×81 cm. Washington, National Gallery of Art.

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A window on the time

The Majid Foundation joins with enthusiasm the initiative of the Municipal Museum of Ascona, the Municipal Schools of Ascona and the Collegio Papio, to stimulate reflections and ideas that keep us united in this time of “social suspension”.

The time of the virus, which flows slowly for those in quarantine, frantically and dramatically fast for doctors and the sick, took us by surprise, suddenly putting us in front of extreme and unthinkable situations only a month ago.

We have changed our habits and way of life. The restrictions they have imposed on us have had a different impact on the life of each of us and it is important that everyone find their own way to deal with this difficult moment, transforming it into an opportunity to investigate within us and discover that we are closer to others, being more aware of ourselves.

In contrast to our anxieties, nature seems more beautiful than ever, the explosion of spring, the clear air, the scents that we breathe give us hope that it will pass, we will overcome pain and difficulties. The key word is collaboration, solidarity and hope that we will make the world better, we learn the lesson that nature has given us, perhaps, knowing also to give up something that seemed vital to us and remembering that

the world is not to dominate …

There is no corner of life where the concept of time does not enter: science, philosophy, music, daily life, work … The Greeks, an intellectually and lexically sophisticated people, had two different definitions of time: Kronos was quantitative time, Kairos instead defined quality, subjective, indeterminate, human time. At this particular moment we must be able to improve our Kairos, consider it a priority, all together.

We finish with the words of a philosopher of becoming

“Eternity is like a child playing at draughts; the kingdom belongs to a child.”
Eraclitus, Fragments –

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