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Andy Warhol, “The Time Capsules”

From 4th September until 15th November ’21

From the 4st September to 15st of November Foundation Majid hosts Andy Warhol, International Artist and undisputed genius of Pop Art

His artistic activity includes many works that he produced in series, and repetition was the method of his success. His art, which brought the shelves of a supermarket into a museum or exhibition, was a not too veiled provocation. According to one of the greatest exponents of pop art, art had to be “consumed” like any other commercial product.

Warhol, an infinite man and artist, managed to communicate the tragic nature of existence with its echo of pain, a point of fracture and abandonment corresponding to a moment of living.

The exhibition is a personal experience that highlights the human condition as voluntary obedience to the TIME OF THE CLOCK and the ability of an artist, of talent, to be able to get out of it through painting, that knowledge of the soul that is not knowledge.

Athos Faccincani, Racconti di Luce

From 1th August until 31th August 2021

From the 1st to the 31st of August Foundation Majid presents Athos Faccincani, an Italian Artist born in Peschiera del Garda and internationally known.

His Artworks are well-known for being full of light: the artist Faccincani wants to represent subjects that are lively and convey positive emotions.

The main subjects of his paintings are, for example, the famous Mediterranean coasts from Positano and the many flowers, to the sea views of Santorini and Provence.

We are delighted to be able to host Athos Faccincani, whose coloured landscapes are going to brighten up Maison Majid even more.

Chiara Magni, Bright Expressionism

From 1th July until 31th July 2021

From the 1st to the 31st of July Chiara Magni is going to exhibit her art at the Foundation Majid

Chiara Magni is an Italian painter who creates her artworks with the “Finger Painting” technique.

Her Masterpieces are created using her fingers instead of a brush or palette. Defined by her as “Bright Expressionism”, her style is characterized by bright, vivid colors which aim, according to the painter, to “make people happy”.

It is a pleasure for the Foundation Majid to welcome Chiara Magni, who is going to brighten and fill our Foundation with color with to her pieces of art

Maria Kononov, Colourful Support

From 11th June until 30th September 2021

From the 11th of June to the 30th of September, the Artworks of Maria Kononov (a young artist of Russian origin born in the United States) will be exposed at the regional hospital La Carità located in Locarno.

“Enfant Prodige”, Maria Kononov exhibited held her first exhibition at the age of eight years old.

She is now well-known internationally: her exhibitions have been held with great success in many important cities such as Moscow, St Petersburg, New York, Milan, Rome, London, Paris, Vienna and Amsterdam.

The Artist has been a guest at Foundation Majid in 2019 and she is an example of a young talent who is supported in her artistic journey by the Foundation.

Walter Marin, Jazz Solo

From 1th June until 30th June 2021

From the 1st to 30th of June, the Majid Foundation is pleased to host the artworks of Walter Marin, an artist who lives in North-East Italy.

We are delighted to welcome for the first time the painter Walter Marin whose themes relate to the female universe, nature, landscapes and the depiction of the sacred.

However, music is one of the true protagonists of his works. Combining his passion for music with his passion for painting, Marin not only depicts singers and musicians but also makes the music itself flow in his works.

In addition to his paintings devoted mainly to jazz, his repertoire also includes several paintings of Treviso, the city where he was a young student.

Dondé Art – Pop Art Experience

From 1th April until 30 May 2021

Foundation Majid, in collaboration with Dondé Art, is proud to present the new Exhibition. The great Artist Dondé literally “mirrors” himself in Andy Warhol’s Art with the prestigious Solo Exhibition “Pop Art Experience – I Want You”

From 1st April 2021, we are delighted to announce the return of Dondè, a sparkling artist whom the Majid Foundation had the pleasure to host in 2020.

The new Exhibition will feature a special theme: The great Artist Dondé literally “mirrors” himself in Andy Warhol’s Art, with a very special technique that will surprise admirers of both artists.

The Artist, with his sparkling style will present an extraordinary event that will help us recover the essential need for the collective dimension.

Salvador Dalí The Divine Comedy

From the 4th of November until the 28st March 2021

The Majid Foundation, in collaboration with Art Events, presents, for the first time in Switzerland, the Divine Comedy illustrated by Salvador Dalí.

In 1950, to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s birth, the Italian government commissioned Dalì to illustrate a special edition of the Divine Comedy.
100 watercolor woodcuts, 33 watercolors each for Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, were born plus an introduction, an original and unique expression of the imagination of the most famous and visionary representative of Surrealism.

Dalì works by placing at the center of each table a character or a particularly significant event of the song and the representation he makes of it is dreamlike and irreverent: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise emerge suspended between dream and reality, in a single masterpiece.

The journey beyond Dante’s world is therefore interpreted in a metaphysical and psychological key, masterfully mixing the deepest sense of the Comedy with the artistic sense of Salvador Dalì.

The Majid Foundation is honored to exhibit the complete collection of the great master’s illustrations to the Swiss public, while also paying homage to the great poet Dante Alighieri.

2° ciclo di incontri tra Cinema e Filosofia

Utopia 14.10.2020 – 03.02.2021

The second cycle of Cinema and Philosophy has Utopia as its theme. Our teachers at San Raffaele lead us to explore the interconnection between two symbolic forms that are only apparently distant: cinema which investigates the fundamental problems of existence and philosophy which, far from being a category disconnected from reality, shows a great capacity of understanding of our daily life.

The 14th of October at 6pm first appointment with Prof. Maria Russo.
From the new Atlantis to the Atlantic Ocean. The American dream in Emanuele Crialese’s Nuovomondo.

The 13th of January at 6pm we continue with prof. Raffaele Ariano.
Find your voice. Perfectionism and Conversation of Justice in Noah Baumbach’s Story of a Marriage.

The 3rd of February at 6pm to conclude with prof. Roberto Mordacci.
The utopian reinvention of time in Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino.

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Arte da Cani (Dog’sArt) & Rich Art Comic Pop! 10.10 – 1.11.2020

Dondé’s exhibition, vernissage on the 10th of October!

Majid Foundation is pleased to present Dondé exhibition, an exceptional event, a sparkling party of luxury and pop.

The event will be open to the public from 10th of October to 1st of November 2020.

Dondé himself will be present at the vernissage, Saturday the 10th of October at 6pm, adding further pleasure to the evening.

Arte da Cani eng